Residenze Roccapipirozzi

Albergo diffuso in the heart of secret Molise

Residenze Roccapipirozzi

Albergo diffuso in the heart of secret Molise

Residenze Roccapipirozzi

Albergo diffuso in the heart of secret Molise


Albergo Diffuso in Molise

Residenze Roccapipirozzi is a dream.

It is a family dream and its unconditional love for its land. Molise.

Molise is made up of numerous small picturesque villages. They are witnesses of an ancient past still surviving among strongholds, mighty walls, and mule tracks. One such hamlet is Roccapipirozzi with its medieval fortress which dominates the surrounding valley.

Roccapipirozzi is the only village in the municipality of Sesto Campano, in the province of Isernia, and it is composed of two boroughs: Roccapipirozzi Alta on a hill and Masserie di Roccapipirozzi (Roccapipirozzi Bassa) on the plain.

We are located on the borders of Latium and Campania. Right here, where Molise meets its boundaries, the valley between Cesima, Calvello and Sambucaro mountains hides the tiny and charming village of Roccapipirozzi Alta.

Here the whole local community is realizing its dream to preserve and promote its heritage.

Residenze Roccapipirozzi is an albergo diffuso and much more. From the ancient dwellings brought back to light to the most precious relics found during the works, we are ready to welcome you to the village to let you live a unique experience in Molise. Enjoy the simplicity and the beauty of small things in a timeless location far from the commonplace.

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The Village


Roccapipirozzi is one of the most ancient medieval villages of Molise. It is nestled on the top of a hill in the valley between the Cesima, Calvello, and Sambucaro mountains. The fortress, called Rocca de Piperuzo, has been for many centuries an important military stronghold to defend the territory of Molise from invasions of the neighboring populations.

Nature and quietness surround this place untouched by human impact and unchanged over time. The houses, the gates, the alleys, the walls are treasure troves of ancient stories and precious traditions yet to be told.

Today the village hosts slightly more than eighty people who are the soul of this great little place.

The Project

Albergo Diffuso

Residenze Roccapipirozzi (Albergo Diffuso) is a recovery project of the ancient medieval hamlet of Roccapipirozzi that was in danger of disappearing due to abandonment and depopulation. We are currently carrying out accurate procedures to preserve the integrity of the historical village by reviving ancient habitations and bringing to light the tangible and intangible heritage of the surrounding area.

We aim to give a new life to the village by implementing a sustainable tourist micro-destination. We hope that our guests, employees, partners, collaborators, and friends will enjoy here a different travel and life experience.

We also wish you to contribute to the synergic development of a hidden corner of Molise. We strive to protect our land by preserving and promoting the local food and wine products typical of the whole territory.

This place is the opportunity to meet, exchange and enrich yourself while enjoying authenticity, tradition, and relaxation.

Live in the village and with the village. We are waiting for you.

The Big Dreams…

Info and Contacts

Residenze Roccapipirozzi

Via Parrocchia, 1 (106,50 km) 86078 Sesto Campano, Molise

+39 333 272 1694